The project

There is an increasing global demand for Aerospace and Aeronautic products and it is expected to continue rising. This turns into more demand for skilled workers and the need for new skills.

To answer this challenge the I-trace project has the aim to add innovative technological tools through an open source philosophy that will complement and go beyond existing training instruments at universities, VET providers, and companies. This way digital updated skills and – most difficult to have in existing educational paths – practical experience in this emerging sector will be more available to students in the whole European Union.

Main Objectives

Connecting and reinforcing the links among the world of education and training and the business world, I-trace will address two important issues:

Discover future skill needs of industry

Improve present technical professional training in the aeronautic sector by means of new pedagogical approaches and methodologies based on digital integration in teaching, through the use of immersive learning, offered by the new 3D virtual learning environments and other innovative forms of experiential learning

Intellectual outputs

IO1 – Comparative research on the skills and professional needs related to the aerospace sector at European level, enhancing the specificities of the sector in each partner country (engine, assembly, control systems, etc.)

IO2 – Best practices in immersive training. Identifying real-life situations where immersive training has been effectively used for specific didactic purposes in Italy, Spain, Poland and Norway and at European level.

IO3 – Shared Guidelines for the design, implementation of immersive training interventions, aimed at maximizing the technical-professional learning of both students and operators in the European aerospace supply chain.

Multiplier events

International conference (Italy) and local dissemination events (Norway, Poland and Spain) for presenting the project, the partnership and the intellectual outputs developed, to relevant stakeholders: students, teachers, professionals, other universities, VET providers, private companies, industrial associations, trade unions and local and international public institutions, organizations and media.

Training Courses

Training of Trainers about Immersive Methodology in Italy and Norway

Local Trainings in Italy, Norway, Spain and Poland

The partnership

I-TRACE involves 7 European partners: includes VET providers (3), universities (2), a group of chambers of commerce (1) and a company specialized in virtual reality (1). The countries involved are Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain


Strengthening of business-education partnerships in the aerospace sector;

-Description of future skills and professional needs of the European aerospace supply chain;

Valorization of successful training practices addressed to professional profiles of the aerospace supply chain that are based on new technologies scarcely present in training and education at this moment.