Timeline of activities


  1. INTERNATIONAL INTENSIVE COURSES – (C1 Italy in November 2018, C2 Norway in May 2019)
  2. LOCAL COURSES – (C3, C4, C5, C6 Nov 2019 – Apr 2020) pilot actions for the application of one or more good practices in the supply chain of education or VET in different local contexts


Deadline Outputs
31 October 2019 O1 – Comparative research on the skills and professional needs related to the aerospace sector at European level, enhancing the specificities of the sector in each partner country (engine, assembly, control systems, etc.)
31 October 2019 O2 – Best practices description. Each partner will identify the experiences that will constitute the case studies during short study visits (C1, C2) by the partner delegations.
31 October 2020 O3 – Shared Guidelines for the design, implementation of immersive training interventions, aimed at maximizing the technical-professional learning of both students and operators in the European aerospace supply chain.



Deadline Deliverables
31 May 2019 D1 Survey and interviews realized
31 August 2019 D2 Data analysis completed and translated in 5 languages
31 October 2019 D3 Research validated and published online in 5 languages
31 May 2019 D4 Report on best practices created in draft version
31 August 2019 D5 Report revised and translated
31 October 2019 D6 Report validated and published online in 5 languages
30 April 2020 D7 Evaluation: measurement of Local Trainings results
30 June 2020 D8 Guidelines for Immersive Training drafted
31 August 2020 D9 Guidelines for Immersive Training revised and translated
31 October 2020 D10 Guidelines for Immersive Training validated and published online
31 October 2020 D11 Final project report
30 April 2020 D12 Evaluation report on local training in Italy
30 April 2020 D13 Evaluation report on local training in Spain
30 April 2020 D14 Evaluation report on local training in Poland
30 April 2020 D15 Evaluation report on local training in Norway