The I-TRACE Training of trainers (code C2) took place from June 3rd 2019 to June 7th 2019 c/o University of Stavanger 4036 Stavanger, Postboks 8600 Forus, Stavanger, Norway

The Attendees were the trainers of the partnership from 4 nations:

  • Politechnika Rzeszowska im Ignacego Lukasiewicza Prz
  • Universitetet i Stavanger
  • Istituto Tecnico Settore Tecnologico “E.FERMI”
  • Institut Illa dels Banyols
  • Associazione di promozione sociale FO.RI.S
  • Cadland

The intensive program was:

  • Day 1: Welcome presentation from UiS. Presentation of the activities. Lecture: Immersive learning in oil and gas industry and construction industry.
  • Day 2: Visit  to NORCE OpenLab Drilling – Best practices learning; Presentation of SUS VR room – Best practices learning
  • Day 3: Lecture PaleBlue AS – AR/VR developments learning; Visit to NOV-VARCO – Drilling simulator – Best practices learning
  • Day 4: Lecture: PTC –  AR/VR academic environments learning; Visit to VISCO (AR/VR/MR) – Best practices learning
  • Day 5: Training remarks and end of training

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